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The Fleet Chimney Sweep

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my chimney swept?

Depending upon usage

  • Smokeless fuels – once per year
  • Coal – twice per year
  • Wood – at least once a year
  • Gas – once a year (if designed for sweeping)
  • Oil Fired – depending on usage and recommendation at time of service

How do you clean the chimney?

I will come to your property and will put down dust sheets prior to checking there is a clear area to work in with no obstructions/breakables. Then I will bring in my vacuum and brushes and rods. I look up the chimney to check the lower the part of the chimney. Making sure there are no burning embers in the grate, I will seal the fireplace with sheets, join the rods together for the required length, sweep the chimney with the appropriate brush. I then vacuum the soot and take all debris away.